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Dine Under the Stars: Outdoor Dining Spaces That Go “Wow”
Jan 24, 2024

Forget the stuffy dining room! Outdoor dining offers a chance to savor meals under the open sky, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. But creating the perfect al fresco dining area requires more than just pulling out a plastic table and chairs. Let’s explore ways to transform your outdoor space into a stunning and functional dining oasis, seamlessly blending landscaping and design.


1. Find Your Foundation:

Cozy Gathering: For intimate dinners, choose a round table and comfy chairs that encourage conversation. Round furniture fosters a sense of togetherness and allows everyone to reach dishes easily.

Grand Celebrations: Hosting larger gatherings? Opt for a rectangular table with bench seating to maximize space and accommodate more guests. Add extra chairs for flexibility.


  1. Lay the Groundwork:

Rug It Up: Define your dining space and add warmth with an outdoor rug. Choose a durable, weather-resistant material like polypropylene or woven plastic. Opt for patterns and colors that complement your overall design.

Go Beyond Grass: Pave your dining area with gravel, pavers, or concrete for a clean and low-maintenance option. Consider incorporating stepping stones or a pathway leading to the dining area for visual interest.


  1. Embrace the Greens:

Living Walls: Surround your dining space with climbing plants or vertical gardens for privacy, shade, and a touch of the wild. Clematis, ivy, and climbing roses offer vibrant blooms and natural fragrances.

Scenic Backdrops: Plant flowering shrubs, ornamental grasses, or small trees behind your dining area to create a picturesque backdrop. Choose native plants for sustainability and attracting pollinators.


  1. Light the Way:

String Lights: Create a magical ambiance with string lights woven overhead or draped around trees. Solar-powered options are energy-efficient and add a whimsical touch.

Lanterns and candles: Place lanterns and candles on the table or surrounding surfaces for soft, flickering light. Opt for citronella candles to keep mosquitos at bay.


  1. Finishing Touches:

Cushions and throws: Cozy up your seating with weather-resistant cushions and throws in matching patterns or pops of color.

Tabletop décor: Bring personality to your table with vases filled with fresh flowers, decorative bowls, and candles.

Music and games: Set up a speaker for ambient music or outdoor games for post-dinner entertainment.


Remember: Your outdoor dining area is an extension of your home. Infuse it with your personal style and make it a space you love to share with friends and family. By blending landscaping and design elements, you can create a unique and inviting haven for al fresco meals and memories under the stars.