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Crafting Elegance: The Creation of Buford’s Enchanting Garden Pathway
Jan 8, 2024

At Blue Ribbon Landscapes, we take pride in turning landscaping visions into realities, as we did with our recent Buford, GA project. Our client, a busy professional seeking a balance between aesthetics and functionality, desired a garden path that offered both charm and ease of maintenance. 

Jeff Borseth, with his rich farming background and horticultural knowledge, led the design, proposing a hardscape pathway that complemented the home’s exterior while promising sustainability. We selected durable stone that naturally fits the surrounding landscape and opted for liriope muscari plants to frame the walkway, known for their lush foliage and minimal upkeep.

Our skilled team executed the plan with precision, carefully laying each stone and planting with a focus on long-term growth and resilience. We accented the path with mulch to enhance the greenery’s vibrancy and installed subtle lighting to illuminate the walkway, ensuring the garden’s beauty was showcased at all times.

The project culminated in a satisfied client, whose trust in Blue Ribbon’s expertise resulted in a functional yet elegant space, reflecting our commitment to personalized and enduring landscapes. This Buford pathway is not just a route, but a journey through a thoughtfully crafted oasis, exemplifying our ethos of expert landscaping tailored to our clients’ lifestyles.