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Premier Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance in Duluth, GA
Welcome to Duluth, GA! Did you know that Duluth is home to the Southeastern Railway Museum, where you can explore historic trains and railroad artifacts? For the past 25 years, Blue Ribbon Landscapers has proudly served Duluth, witnessing its incredible growth and transformation.
Your Reliable Landscaping Service in Duluth, GA
Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping by Blue Ribbon Landscapers
Blue Ribbon Landscapers in Duluth, Georgia, offers a full suite of lawn maintenance and landscaping services. We focus on keeping your lawn healthy and attractive with expert mowing, fertilization, and weed control. Our advanced lawn care solutions include aeration, overseeding, and pest control, customized to your lawn's specific needs. Additionally, our landscaping services can transform your outdoor area with stunning garden designs and robust hardscaping, enhancing the beauty and value of your property.
  • Experience: With 25 years in the industry, we have the expertise to make your lawn and garden thrive.
  • Local Knowledge: As a company serving Duluth, we understand the unique needs of our community.
  • Personal Touch: We treat every lawn as if it were our own, providing personalized service to each client.
  • Enhanced Outdoor Lighting: For evenings at Bunten Road Park or backyard gatherings that glow with warmth.
Our customers love the work we do. Here’s what a few of them have to say:
Customer Testimonials
Carey Fisher: “They do a great job keeping our lawn looking good. John came by today and did extra weeding of our flower bed and trimming some bushes. Thanks John!!!” (5 stars)
Blue Ribbon's Dedication to Duluth’s Landscaping Needs
At Blue Ribbon Landscapers, we play a vital role in making Duluth a great place to live and visit. By aligning our landscaping expertise with the city’s growth plans, we create spaces where nature and community come together. Let us bring your vision for Duluth to life, enhancing your property’s value and the city’s charm. Together, we can ensure Duluth remains a beautiful and welcoming community for all.